Danny Trejo Goes To Prison In The Bloody New Music Video For Slayer’s ‘Repentless’

Slayer is on the verge of releasing new metal tunes to the masses. Among them is the title track “Repentless,” which is an homage of sorts to the band’s late guitarist Jeff Hanneman who died in 2013. And if there is any doubt that this track is for the sentimental minded souls out there, bring your attention to the above video.

Rolling Stone recently visited the set for the song’s music video which was shooting at an abandoned prison in the bowels of Los Angeles. Directed by BJ McDonnell (Hatchet III), the video not only features a bunch of aggressive convicts rioting against the law, and each other, genre favorite Danny Trejo (Machete), Derek Mears (who played Jason in the Friday the 13th remake), and Tony Moran (Michael Meyers from the original Halloween) are added into the violent mix to kick things up a notch or two.

While it’s pretty evident gallons of blood, body parts and some crazy acts of violence are depicted in the above behind-the-scenes video, band member Tom Araya explains the band’s reasoning, stating, “We’re telling the story that we’ve always told about society and how humans treat each other. It can get pretty violent. It can get pretty stupid. But that’s OK. That’s human nature.”

Speaking of human nature, Trejo was on hand to discuss his involvement in the shoot saying, “In prison, there’s only two different kinds of people: There’s predators and prey. Being a Slayer fan, I’m a predator.” And according to the man himself, he got his hands pretty dirty on set when it was time to shoot his scenes:

The actor and ex-con accepted the offer to appear in the video in part because his sons and daughter were already fans of Slayer. And his memories of the previous day’s jailhouse violence are vivid. “Yesterday, I stabbed a guard numerous times — it was alleged that I stabbed a guard numerous times,” he says calmly. “It was also alleged that I jammed my fingers into an inmate and gouged out his eyes. They haven’t proven anything yet, though. Almost 300 people saw the incident, but there are no witnesses.”

Slayer will be unleashing their 11th studio album Repentless on September 11th. Keep your eyes peeled as the full length horror-inspired music video for the title track is coming soon.

(Via RollingStone)