The Latest Look At ‘The Dark Tower’ Should Delight Fans Of The Classic Series

Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series has been one of the most revered fictional series of its kind, which, really, there aren’t a lot of series that bend genres as much as The Dark Tower does. The book series, now being made into a major motion picture starring one of Hollywood’s most dashing leading men in Idris Elba as Roland, The Gunslinger, being released on February 17th, 2017 and needless to say, fans are hyped up for the adaptation, although leery.

How could you not be leery of the adaptation of The Dark Tower? The film has been in a state of flux since it was originally announced back in 2007, but things have finally come together for it. The Dark Tower is sort of a sequel to the book series, while also sort of the same story as the first book, which is as confusing as it sounds. That means that it follows The Gunslinger and young Jake Chambers walking through a post-apocalyptic, postmodern acid trip of a western-inspired wasteland.

If you haven’t read the books it’s kind of hard to explain, but this tweet from Tom Taylor — the actor who plays Jake Chambers — is enough to send chills down the collective spines of King fans eagerly awaiting the film. The quote?

“There are other worlds than these.”

That’s the line that really helps to set the pace for the series, hinting at there being many dimensions all linked together by the titular tower. Things get pretty weird throughout the series and, hopefully, will get equally as weird in the film as well.

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