Dave Bautista Questions Trump’s ‘Tough Guy’ Image In A New Video For Joe Biden

Recent exposés by The New York Times have confirmed what many have long ago suspected: that president Donald Trump isn’t quite the business genius he claims to be — essentially that he tries to play one on TV. The same goes for his tough guy image. He likes to talk the talk and even make videos that portray him as strong. Well, actual tough guy Dave Bautista isn’t buying it. And in a new video, in which he endorses Trump’s presidential rival, Joe Biden, he calls bull.

The wrestler-turned-actor — and, as nice guy hulk Drax the Destroyer, arguably the most fun member of the Guardians of the Galaxy team — took to Instagram to implore people to not only vote, but to vote against the man who be a lot tougher if he actually took the pandemic seriously.

“We talk about the differences between being tough and someone who portrays himself as a tough guy,” Bautista said. He continued:

“It’s easy to lie to people. It’s easy to bully people. That does not make you a tough guy. It’s easy to tell someone what they want to hear. It’s not easy to tell someone what they need to hear. We’re not in good shape, but this is where we’re gonna get out of it. That is being tough. This country, more than anything right now, needs someone who’s going to have a plan so we can get back on track. A leader is someone who can unite people, who takes responsibility. That’s toughness. That is Joe Biden.”

Bautista is one of many MCU actors who’ve come out in support of Biden — although not everyone has joined in the fun. But hey, if you can get Drax and Bruce Banner to team up to defeat a foe who’s let a ton of people die on his watch, you know we’re in good hands.