David Spade And Chris Farley Used To Fight Over Rob Lowe ‘Like He Was A Chick’

Rob Lowe is a very handsome man. This is not a disputed fact. Rob Lowe is so handsome, in fact, that he’s even been known to intimidate his male costars. This was true back in 1994, when Rob Lowe was filming Tommy Boy in Toronto with David Spade and Chris Farley. He told James Corden Monday night — alongside his former co-star Spade — that the two of them “used to fight over me like I was a chick.” Allegedly, there were some pretty heated arguments stemming from who got to spend time in the Jacuzzi with Lowe. As you may have heard, it’s a little-known fact that the two friends once got into a physical altercation over Lowe on set when Farley thought that he was being left out, which David Spade elaborated on.

Apparently, the whole thing stemmed from Chris Farley’s nerves over flying, then driving, and then thinking he had the flu which caused him to go to bed early and miss out on a drink at the bar, and then the whole thing snowballed into basically “an episode of Atlanta Housewives” from there. Jesus. I’d hate to see what the magical allure of Rob Lowe does to his female co-stars.

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