Ryan Reynolds Confirms ‘Deadpool’ Is Gunning For An R Rating, No Joke

Earlier today, JoBlo reported the upcoming Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds would be aiming for a PG-13 rating, a possibility we previously discussed in September. It was an all-too-obvious April Fools Day ruse, but the slight taste of possibility underpinning it was enough to enrage a few gullible fans this morning.

Well, it’s official; Deadpool has succumbed to a PG-13 rating. A source at Fox has confirmed to us that the Ryan Reynolds led X-Men spinoff flick will indeed carry that all-encompassing PG-13, despite the outcry for a more hardcore R-rated take on the Merc with a Mouth.

Luckily, JoBlo was in on the joke with Fox, Extra host Mario Lopez, and the film’s star. The website later amended their original story with the Slater-ending video above.

Yes, that’s right. No April Fools. No Bullshit. Deadpool is rated R. Now, let’s get a taco.

Around the same time, Reynolds took to Twitter to break the official, non-jokey news about the film’s intentions regarding the MPAA.

Happy day! Also, FRENCH UNICORN SEX? Looks like the internet has a new GIF-worthy challenge to complete.

(Via JoBlo)