‘Derelict’ Is The Mashup Of ‘Alien’ And ‘Prometheus’ You Didn’t Know You Needed

Being a diehard fan of the first two Alien movies, I was not too pleased with certain story aspects in Ridley Scott’s sorta-prequel Prometheus. It’s been four years since the movie hit theaters and one dedicated fan took it upon himself to fix a few things with the above mashup titled Derelict.

Job Willins is the film student behind the project, which finds the best parts from Alien and Prometheus intercut together in a final product that delivers the story in a dual narrative structure. 20 minutes in and I already find Derelict to be a more cohesive and enjoyable prequel than Ridley Scott‘s 2011 film.

Willins explained the project further on his Vimeo page:

‘Derelict’ is in black & white to better marry the visual quality of the two originals (and also because both films look great in black & white). Roughly 30 minutes has been cut from Prometheus and about an hour of Alien has been used in its place. Some content from the deleted scenes of Prometheus was also used.

While there might be some issues with contrast in the desaturated scenes, from a story perspective it feels like Derelict is a stark improvement over Prometheus. For those fellow fans out there who have over two hours to kill, this fan-video is definitely worth a watch.

(Via ScreenCrush)