Despite Rumors His Wife Disapproves, Jamie Dornan Is ‘Looking Forward’ To Continuing As Christian Grey

Since it was released, there have been rumors swirling that Jamie Dornan wouldn’t be returning to the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise should a sequel get the green light, despite the fact the first film broke a whole bunch of box office records. However, according to a new report, Dornan’s appearance in a second film, which still does not have an official production go ahead, has been confirmed.

“Jamie is delighted that the film is breaking box office records worldwide,” the statement from London’s PublicEye firm read. “And whilst the studio has not made any formal announcements about sequels, he is looking forward to making the next film.” (via USA Today)

Supposedly, the biggest hurdle for Dornan was the disapproval from his wife about continuing in the series. However, it seems those issues have been worked out if they were indeed the hold-up.

Via USA Today