John McClane Will Be Back To Yipee Ki Yay Again With ‘Die Hard 6’

The world’s toughest cop is still kicking. According to Deadline, director Len Wiseman and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura are working out a deal with Fox for Die Hard 6. They are still in the very early stages, but things are looking promising, despite an uninspired outing with A Good Day To Die Hard (just blame Jai Courney). Apparently, di Bonaventura pitched a project that eventually morphed into a Die Hard film and then the project was transferred to Fox despite his Paramount affiliation. Wiseman, who brought the franchise back from the dead in 2007 with Live Free Or Die Hard, was eventually brought on board to give it a shot in the arm once again.

The word is that Bruce Willis is set to return, but that the film will also feature flashbacks to McClane’s days as a rough and tumble New York City cop in 1979. This could essentially serve as a reboot for the franchise, with a younger actor eventually taking the reins. While it seems like blasphemy to think of anyone else dying hard enough to take over for Willis, there is no way that studio execs are going to let a tried and true property like John McClane grow dormant.

Maybe they will make him the working class James Bond and recast him every few films. Or they could just give Joseph Gordon Levitt a call.

(Via Deadline)