Disney’s New Hit ‘Coco’ Is Ditching The 20-Minute ‘Frozen’ Short That Plays Before The Movie

There was once a time where Frozen was an unstoppable cultural entity with no real end in sight. Sure, there was a bit of “Let It Go” fatigue and all that, but Disney-Pixar have found themselves in a spot they weren’t exactly anticipating. Paying filmgoers are not happy with getting a bonus dash of Frozen in their night out.

Mashable reports that Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a 22-minute short preceding the feature presentation, will be officially axed from Coco starting December 8. Disney recommends (according to Mashable) that theaters use the Olaf-free version to wedge in more screenings of the film.

The response to Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was not kind from critics (who didn’t get the short before Coco) and regular filmgoers alike. Responses in Mexico were strong enough that some venues elected to banish Olaf before Disney’s later relenting.

If there’s any consolation here for Disney with their very public misstep, it’s that Coco has performed well at the box office and issues with its preceding short (like its longer than a commercial-free Simpsons episode running time) can be analyzed before going forward with the next Disney-Pixar motion picture. Hopefully for the studio, they haven’t eroded the goodwill of Frozen fans for that universe’s next experience.

Here’s Amy Nicholson’s Coco review for UPROXX.

(Via Mashable)