‘Doctor Strange’ Explains Magic And Hints At The Real Villain In A New Clip

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10.31.16 4 Comments

One of the big questions around Doctor Strange, at least for comics nerds, is who the real bad guy is. And a new video explaining some of the metaphysics behind Strange’s magic may have a clue or two.

Many will point out we’ve seen Mads Mikkelsen’s character as the bad guy, but he’s sort of a red herring. Mikkelsen is playing Kaecilius, who’s basically an evil mailman and enforcer for bad guys. Whenever somebody wants to deliver Strange a message, or try to “send him a message,” in goes Kaecilius to get punted around Greenwich Village. Besides, there’s a much more dangerous threat Strange faces regularly, named Dormammu.

Dormammu is basically Satan from an alternate dimension (appropriately called “the Dark Dimension”) and if you watch the clip, a few times you see these glowing, purple, fiery eyes:


Either Sauron has a fairly exotic version of pinkeye in this movie, or that’s how Dormammu will be represented. Notice, by the way, that Kaecilius and his buddies all seem to have some purple creature bursting out from their faces from underneath their skins, possibly showing either Dormammu possessing them or just the guy running a creepy cult, like all the old-school eldritch horrors. We’ll find out this Friday.

(via Comic Book)

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