Scarlett Johansson Has Been Offered A Lot Of Money To Star In ‘Ghost In The Shell’

So, DreamWorks has been looking to make a live-action version of Ghost in the Shell for a while now, because Hollywood adaptations of anime classics always work out great, right? For a while the word was Margot Robbie (Leonardo DiCaprio’s fist-bite worthy mistress from The Wolf of Wall Street) was going to be starring in the film, but apparently Robbie has decided to do Suicide Squad instead. So, who might be replacing her as star of Ghost in the Shell? Possibly Scarlett Johansson, that’s who.

For those who haven’t watched or read any Ghost in the Shell, it takes place in a future where most humans store their minds in an electronic network and inhabit various android bodies or shells. Most Ghost in the Shell stories revolve around main character Motoko Kusanagi (have a feeling that name might change if Johansson is cast) foiling hackers who want to take over shells for devious purposes. Oh, and did I mention that Motoko spends a good portion of her time running around naked? See, cyborgs can camoflage themselves, but only when they’re not wearing clothes, so it’s totally justified. Totally.

Sounds pretty solidly in Scarlett Johansson’s wheelhouse. She’s shown particular talent lately for choosing roles that don’t require her to venture outside her somewhat limited acting range. Artificial AIs, aliens, uh, Lucys and now maybe an android. I bet she could pull off the naked part pretty well too.

Johansson has reportedly been offered $10 million to star in Ghost in the Shell, which would be the biggest pay day of her career if she accepts (she only got paid around $5 million for The Avengers). And if she doesn’t accept? Well, don’t be afraid to double or triple that number, DreamWorks — make it happen and I promise to watch Ghost in the Shell in 3D and everything.

Via Deadline Hollywood