That’s Not A ‘Dundee’ Teaser, This Is A ‘Dundee’ Teaser (With Chris Hemsworth)

Crocodile Dundee was such a relic of its time — the Vegemite-loving late 1980s when, in the words of Phil Hartman, “the U.S. experienced a short-lived infatuation with Australian culture” — that it’s unreal to think the third film in the franchise came out in 2001. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles barely made its budget back and is probably best known for Tom Green’s claim that Freddy Got Fingered would have been a bigger hit, if his fans hadn’t bought “tickets to Crocodile Dundee and then [sneaked] into my movie because it was R-rated.”

But what’s even nuttier is there might be a new Dundee movie in 2018.

I say “might,” because what the heck is happening. Last week, a teaser for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home, now starring Danny McBride as the crocodile hunter’s long-lost son, popped up online. No one had heard of the project before the teaser, no one knows why a Crocodile Dundee movie is shrouded in Star Wars-level secrecy (here’s a fun sentence: we’ve seen more footage from a maybe-real Crocodile Dundee movie than Solo), and no one knows if it’s real or an elaborate prank, despite the existence of an IMDb page.

A new teaser, this one starring certified Australian hunk Chris Hemsworth (but where’s Margot Robbie?), does not clear up any confusion. But hey, at least we got Kenny Powers asking, “Yo, where the kangaroos at?”