The ‘Fast and Furious’ Series Going To Outer Space Is Not Out Of The Question, Says Its Writer


It’s hard to imagine this now, but back in 2001 — some 18 summers ago — the Fast and/or Furious series was semi-realistic. The first entry was a stripped-down b-movie, a fairly ridiculous yet reasonably plausible picture about guys who drive cars real fast. No more. Each film is more over-the-top than the last; the most recent one ended with cars chasing a submarine. There have even been jokes that the next logical step is to take Dominic and his “family” to outer space. Well, that might happen after all.

Chris Morgan, writer of every Fast/Furious film since the third, Tokyo Drift, spoke to Polygon ahead of the release of the spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. And as the franchise’s chief architect, he confirmed that a Fast and Furious in space is not an idea he’s binned as too ludicrous.

“Nothing’s out of the question,” Morgan said when asked if Vin Diesel would be strapping on a spacesuit. “Absolutely nothing. It just has to be cool and it has to be good. You know, that’s the thing.”

That being said, any idea he hatches can’t be too out of this world.

“I’m a big action guy and a big action fan and I love physics too, by the way. I think the limiter for me is that we will bend to physics and never outright break it-break it. So how do you determine that? Well, for me, while you’re watching the movie and while you’re watching the action sequence, does something happen that’s so physically impossible or absurd that it breaks faith with the audience? That you suddenly can no longer enjoy the movie and you don’t care about the characters because of that breakage.”

So basically if you want to see The Rock actually fly, you’re going to have to get him into outer space.

Granted, taking an earthbound franchise into the stars has long been commonplace. Even James Bond has gone to space, in Moonraker. And if campy Roger Moore-era 007 can go to space, so can Ludacris-era Fast and Furious.

(Via Polygon)