The Internet Tried To Figure Out When The ‘Fast And Furious’ Series ‘Abandoned Reality,’ And There Sure Were A Lot Of Answers

When the Fast and Furious series began 22 summers ago, few would have guessed it would one day go to space. The first was a relatively stripped-down affair, “only” concerning hot-rodders who also do heists. Where exactly did it jump the shark and ditch reality? That’s the question that got people thinking the other day after a prompt tweet went viral. And boy, did people have a lot of answers.

Fast X, the penultimate installment of the main wing of the franchise, hits theaters this weekend, and we already know it has its share of ridiculousness. For instance, we already know this happens.

But again, at what point in the series officially go over the top? Some thought it happened recently. F9 got a lot of answers, including the arguable apex of the series’ ludicrousness: When Tyrese Gibson’s Roman and Ludacris’ Tej went to space.

Some said the car rope.

Or Vin Diesel’s Dom leaping from a crashing vehicle with no scratches, also from F9.

Or these other explosions.

Or the idea that Vin Diesel and John Cena could play brothers.

Or bringing Han back from the dead.

Surely the Fast and Furious cycle sailed off the deep end earlier. Maybe it was cars battling a submarine in the Arctic from The Fate of the Furious.

Or this nonsensical chicken thing between Dom and Jason Statham’s Shaw in Furious 7.

Or the skyscraper jump from the same film.

Or this cliff action.

What about Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs breaking an arm cast with his muscles?

Fast & Furious 6 had its share of ridiculousness, though few mentioned the 3,000-mile-long runway from the climax.

Oh, and let’s not forget the spinoff Hobbs & Shaw.

Which also had more skyscraper action.

The relatively sane Fast Five had a giant bank vault being dragged by a car, but that’s pretty logical compared to what came after. It still had Dom not messing up a shirt after a car incident.

Perhaps you forgot the fourquel, Fast & Furious, had a scene where Dom appeared to crash a car with his mind.

Or wait: Was the series bananas from the start?

Will Fast X have something that tops all of these? You can find out when it hits theaters on May 19.

(Via The AV Club)