Fox Just Bought The Rights To A Feature Adaptation Of ‘The Leviathan’

A few weeks back, the short film Leviathan rocked the internet so much that Neill Blomkamp agreed to produce a feature-length version. After a rather short pitching process, Fox has secured the rights to the film.

Twentieth Century Fox has picked up sci-fi spec “The Leviathan” with Simon Kinberg on board to produce and Neill Blomkamp exec producing.

It’s a natural fit, given Kinberg’s first-look deal with the studio and Blomkamp beginning to build a relationship with Fox after coming on to direct the next “Alien” pic. Fox’s Steve Asbell brought the pitch in and will oversee for the studio.

The idea comes from hot Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, who is also attached to direct, with “Fight Club” screenwriter Jim Uhls penning the script. Aditya Sood joining Kinberg and Robinson as producers. (Via Variety)

It would be nice to see a CGI, high-concept heavy feature film drop that isn’t also attached to some global franchise. While the existence of the short means the feature isn’t without pre-existing material, it’s still a nice change of pace.

Of course let’s not forget that the idea of seeing these creatures on the big screen in a scale that could drop some jaws will be worth the price of admission. Big time monsters are all the rage thanks to the likes of Pacific Rim, Godzilla, and the upcoming King Kong revival, Skull Island. What’s one more added to the mix, really?

Source: Variety