Laugh Your Way Through The End With This Compilation Of The 10 Funniest Movie Death Scenes

Movie death scenes, we all love them. Whether they are the extremely heartfelt trip to the deepest end of our personal emotional wells or the outright bizarre moments that strike the funny bone, there’s something about an on-screen character’s demise that can really stick with an audience. Thankfully, this article will not be delving into a Beaches-type scenario, as tonight is all about fictitious characters dying in laughable ways! Hurray, death!

ScreenRant’s YouTube channel brings us the compilation of hilarious character deaths. While the video advertises these outlandish deaths as the funniest, it seems that, for the most part, they are highlighting movies from the past few decades.  Still, any mix of clips that highlights a Freddy Krueger kill — there are way better ones than this one, though — is worth sharing as Freddy left quite the violently creative legacy.

Aside from a nod to everyone’s favorite burnt-up child killer, a nice collection of cinematic gold is shared here. You’ve got Samuel L. Jackson’s bizarre death scene from Deep Blue Sea and Bill Murray’s wonderful deadpan cameo from Zombieland. There’s some James Bond love here, as well as a gasoline hose-down between Derek Zoolander and his super model buddies. But really, if nothing else, this video is worth your time because Big Trouble in Little China shows up. And, come on, Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton just makes everything better. Even death.

(Via Screen Rant)