‘Gambit’ Has Two More Potential Directors, And One Needs To Be Hired Pronto

Gambit is going to be an interesting movie, no matter how it shakes out. Channing Tatum will be Gambit come hell or high water, from the sound of things, so it’s really only the directors that are the issue, here. Fortunately, they already have a perfect choice, if they’re smart enough to hire him.

According to the Playlist, Fox is also considering Shane Black and Joe Cornish to direct. Black’s not going to take the job; he’s finishing a movie right now and has about a bazillion others, including the Predator revival, to work on. He’d be great for it, but the guy pretty much directs his own scripts.

But Joe Cornish? One of the guys who wrote the good parts of Ant-Man? The man who wrote and directed Attack the Block, the movie that more or less catapulted John Boyega into Star Wars because he was so damn good in it? That’s the director you want, Fox. Admittedly, Doug Liman wouldn’t be a terrible choice, either, but he directed Jumper, so that’s a black mark.

Gambit starts shooting in a few months, so they’d better lock down a director quickly — although one supposes they could just make a third Magic Mike movie and have them all turn out to be mutants. Come to think of it, why aren’t they doing that?

(Via Blastr)