George Michael And His Manager Are Happy ‘Keanu’ Shows Him Serious Love

George Michael Performs At Royal Albert Hall In London
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Kittens, cameos from Keanu Reeves, Key & Peele — the movie Keanu sounds like it has it all. And now, even better, the movie apparently features music from and references to the legendary George Michael.

Seriously, was this movie written for me and my specific tastes?!?! Sometimes, I think so. According to Billboard, Keegan-Michael Key is a big fan of George Michael, and as a result, the film’s producers approached the singer and his manager to use four songs: “Father Figure,” “One More Try,” “Faith” and “Freedom! ’90.” In the movie, the local drug dealer who steals the kitten Keanu from Key & Peele has a George Michael tattoo.

Michael’s manager Michael Lippman says there was concern that the movie would want to make fun of the singer:

“They promised me that wouldn’t be the intention. The way it was described to me was that [George Michael] was so cool that even drug lords got a tattoo of him. … [Key’s and Peele’s] characters go from quiet, unassuming guys to street thugs and they wanted to show something that didn’t seem right, but when put into that situation, works perfectly. They chose him to be this character because of what his music meant and they turned George into a cool badass.”

The music video for “Faith” is also used in the movie. What a great opportunity to reintroduce George Michael to today’s audience.

(via Billboard)