George R.R. Martin Will Gladly Screen ‘The Interview’ In His Private Theater

Anyone have a spare copy of The Interview lying around? If so, better hop on your dragon and fly out to New Mexico, where Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is willing to screen the film at this private theater. Martin is furious with Sony’s decision to pull the movie, so much so that he wrote about it on his LiveJournal and his current mood is, gasp, Pissed-Off Alien.

In a stunning display of corporate cowardice, Regal, AMC, and every other major theatre chain in the United States have cancelled their plans to show the new Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy THE INTERVIEW, because of — yes, seriously, this is not a SOUTH PARK sketch (though I expect it soon will be) — threats from North Korea. (Via)

Martin went on to write:

For what it’s worth, the Jean Cocteau Cinema will be glad to screen THE INTERVIEW (assuming that Sony does eventually release the film for theatrical exhibition, rather than streaming it or dumping it as a direct-to-DVD release), should it be made available to us. Come to Santa Fe, Seth, we’ll show your film for you. (Via)

Another distraction to keep Martin from writing book six? The terrorists really have won.

LiveJournal via Esquire