Get Into The Holiday Spirit By Revisiting ‘Die Hard’ With Some More Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

There are a few things that have been done to death on the Internet. Naming facts about movies is one of them and claiming Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie is another. I’m always a fan of the first bit there because I’m a sucker for a good behind the scenes tale or factoid, but I will dispute the latter point. I think there are better Christmas movies.

Die Hard is certainly a Cadillac of the action genre and deserves high praise, but it falls short if we’re basing it on Christmas movie criteria. I love it, it was one of the first movies I actually owned, but I’d throw a few above it. Scrooged comes to mind, Christmas Vacation is there, and I think I’d throw Gremlins above it on my list.

If I shortened it down to just Christmas action movies, it’s tops by a mile. Lethal Weapon is the only one that comes close and it is barely a Christmas movie.

This clip from Cinefix is a nice way to start the holidays, though. I will never turn down a chance to look back at Die Hard, and always with a fond eye. It covers a lot of the same ground we covered last year, but you should probably know everything about the damn movie at this point. If you don’t, freshen yourself up.

(Via Cinefix)