Paul Feig Sorta Spills The Main Character Names For His ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

Paul Feig is letting out a new tidbit of information about his Ghostbusters reboot almost everyday. We’ve seen the proton packs, the uniforms, the car, and we’ve seen the full cast putting the ensemble together (and a bunch of set photos too). Now we’re getting information of the story variety, first with the reveal of our character names. Feig doesn’t put the names to the faces, so it’s up to us all to guess at who is who:

Now most folks are already noting that Yates is Melissa McCarthy’s character, but the others are a crap shoot. If I had to pick the others, I’d say Erin Gilbert is Leslie Jones character, Jillian Holtzmann is Kate McKinnon, and Patty Tolan is Kristen Wiig. I say that only because Wiig looks like someone who might play a Patty, like say Patty Mayonnaise from the Doug live action screenplay I’ve written (call me or at least come to my Starbucks).

Feig also took some time to retweet some new fan artwork that is popping up, this one featuring Leslie Jones in her full Ghostbusters get up:

It’s a little hard not to see the images and think it is an SNL parody at the moment, but fan art and the slow march to the film’s release will make it all a reality. I still think remaking Ghostbusters is pointless, but at least it’s in good hands.

(Via Paul Feig)