The ‘Ghostbusters’ International Trailer Features A Lot More Chris Hemsworth

Sony dropped an English language version of their international trailer for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters after a Ukrainian language version was making the rounds Tuesday night, annoying stateside fans with its lack of subtitles for all the new footage. Much of that new footage is focused around Chris Hemsworth’s receptionist character, the male Annie Potts to this gender-swapped ghostbusting posse. Sony knows international audiences may not recognize American comedians and Saturday Night Live cast members, but everybody recognizes Thor Odinson.

The trailer starts out very similar to the first one, but after 50 seconds, it veers into some new footage, including Hemsworth’s character suggesting his own hand drawn logo for their business, a ghost with boobs. “Is it the boobs you don’t like? Because I can make them bigger.”

I can’t help thinking that was director Paul Feig taking a jab at any internet haters who feel the need to comment on actresses’ boobs all the time. Speaking of which, Feig recently took to Twitter to slam people who harass his actors for taking a job in the movie (as if any working actor could afford to turn down an opportunity like that).

(Via Sony Pictures Releasing UK and @PaulFeig)