The ‘Gods Of Egypt’ Character Posters Are Here, And Oh Boy, People Are Mad

Last year’s Exodus: Gods and Kings is considered a critical failure, partially due to how overwhelmingly white the cast was for a film set in Egypt. Well, it appears that Hollywood hasn’t learned yet, because the character posters for the new Gods of Egypt film features an awful lot of white guys. While there are a few people of color (although no actual Egyptians) in the cast, the focus is on Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Brenton Thwaites, three super white European dudes.

Without fail, Twitter has picked up on this problematic material, breaking out their best snark at the film’s expense.

Yeah, Lionsgate should probably be worried. This negative of a reaction is not likely to go away, nor should it. Whitewashing characters has been a nasty habit of the film industry pretty much as long as they’ve been making movies, but it should definitely have been left in the past by now.

(Via /FilmMashable)

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