Director Richard Donner On The Legacy Of ‘The Goonies,’ 30 Years Later

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First, the bad news: we’re still no closer to a sequel to The Goonies today than we were in 1985. Last year, director Richard Donner caused the internet to collectively freak out when he told a TMZ cameraman that a sequel to The Goonies was finally happening and the original cast was returning. Thanks to sites that most people have never heard of recycling the clip as fresh news, it has become the click that keeps on baiting, with people sharing it daily with the hopes that The Goonies 2 is on its way, 30 years later.

But the good news is that three decades after the release of this iconic cult classic, people still love it so much that they lose their minds when Donner or any of the cast members even mention a sequel. Sean Astin got fans riled up a while back when he told MTV that One-Eyed Willy’s Inferno would soon sail again, and it shouldn’t shatter any monocles that Corey Feldman would readily return as Mouth at the drop of a nude statue. The problem, though, is that even if Donner and Steven Spielberg find a story that they like, we won’t see a complete reunion, because Jeff Cohen reassured us that he has hung up his Hawaiian shirt for a career as a prominent entertainment attorney and author.

The question is, do we really need a sequel to this beloved ‘80s movie? Some stories are just best left alone, especially when they stand the test of time. The Goonies is one of those truly magical films that appeals to children today just as it appealed to their parents when they were children. In an era of remakes and reboots, The Goonies remains an untouchable classic that should be appreciated as is, especially considering it’s a film with a heartwarming story within a heartwarming story, as Donner revealed to us.

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