‘Summer Nights’ From ‘Grease’ Is Far Less Magical Without Music

You know how musicals go. When you settle in to watch something like, say, Grease, you expect certain things. Namely, characters are going to burst into song, and music will swell, and people will dance, and it will all be very grand… and very implausible. That is fine, because viewers are trying to lose themselves in the magic of the story. However, what if musicals, such as Grease, were more realistic? That’s what a YouTube video sought to show us.

The video presumes to provide “realistic audio” for the song “Summer Nights” from the movie version of Grease. That is to say, it tries to imagine what would happen if, in the real world, you happened to stumble upon a bunch of dudes dancing around as one of them regales the gang with sex stories. It’s only a short clip, but it certain removes the magic of the moment.

Without the music, and with sound effects of, say, a bunch of guys jumping around on metal bleachers, it all just feels very strange, and certainly not cinematic. Compared to the version from the movie, it’s apples and oranges. Clearly, the folks who made Grease made a wise decision in not making their songs realistic, as opposed to the poor decision they made to hire Eddie Deezen to be in their movie. Sure, “Summer Nights” is not realistic, but we can forgive Grease for having one unrealistic aspect to the movie.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)