A ‘Hamilton’ Film With The Original Broadway Cast Will Come To Theaters, But Prepare For Quite A Wait

Hamilton‘s box-office records remain legendary, as does the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical’s collection of awards. Not only did the original Broadway production churn out 16 Tony nominations (a record) and win 11 of those awards (not quite a record, thanks to The Producers winning 12), but the musical won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, along with a Grammy and an Olivier Award. Multiple productions have since launched worldwide and continue to this day, including on Broadway and a U.S. tour. However, the ticket prices have been notoriously hard to score and rather pricey to boot.

Well finally, the public will not only be able to appreciate the Original Broadway Cast, but they can do so pretty cheaply: through the price of a movie ticket. Of course, this isn’t happening right away or very soon at all, but it’s on the horizon. Miranda tweeted the announcement while everyone was still in a Super Bowl haze. By the hand of Disney, a filmed Richard Rodgers Theatre engagement with the Original Broadway Cast will come to multiplexes. The date to put on the calendar? Sometime in October 2021.

The #Hamilfilm hashtag instantly lit up in the wake of this news. People are excited and prepared to watch this musical countless times in theaters, and they (mostly) don’t even mind the wait. Get ready for the Hamilton cosplay, folks.