Han Shoots First, But New Analysis Proves He Can’t Aim

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01.13.16 2 Comments

Han is deadly with a blaster at point-blank range, something Greedo learned the hard way before Lucas decided to mess with our collective childhoods. But it turns out that just like remembering the difference between units of time and units of distance, Solo is more bluff than anything else.

A Dutch Star Wars fan compiled all the data available on blaster skills in the Star Wars movies, namely he watched them, counted up the shots, and noted whether they hit or missed. Top of the class, at least so far, is Finn, who has a 100% shot record, followed by, of all people, Padme at 84% and Leia at 66%. Han is way down at the bottom with a 57% chance of connecting with a stormtrooper. Also of interest for those insisting Rey is a Mary Sue, she’s at 61%, and is one missed shot from a worse percentage than Han.

That said, though, Han also fires the most shots in the series (45), and the next closest is Chewie, who takes 19 shots throughout the series. Finn has just four shots to his name, although considering his preference for avoiding combat in the first place, that’s not a surprise. As sports fans will tell you, the best of the best tend to have a lot of misses on their record, as well. Also, we are lacking stormtrooper data, although there may be more to their inability to aim than we think.

Either way, though, if you’re looking for somebody who can make the shot, maybe pick somebody other than Han. Maybe you could talk him out of shooting by telling him the odds?

(Via Mashable)

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