Hannibal Buress Surprises Everyone With ‘Hannibal Takes Edinburgh,’ A New Documentary On Netflix

With his participation in the Bill Cosby scandal long behind him, stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress broke new ground with his Comedy Camisado special for Netflix in February, during which he freaked viewers out with a stray hair. The Broad City actor has had quite a lot on his plate lately, so you would think he’d take a break instead of announcing the surprise release of a new documentary, Hannibal Takes Edinburgh, just two days before its available to stream on Netflix. Well, you’re wrong.

Both Netflix and Buress made the announcement on Wednesday, which described Hannibal Takes Edinburgh as having been “filmed over the course of 28 days in August 2012” when the 33-year-old was an “up-and-coming comedian.” According to the press release:

[Buress] performed nightly to packed houses at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest art and comedy festival in the world. The film blends extended moments from Buress’ pin-sharp observational stand-up with scenes of the comedian waxing philosophic on building his comedy routine, life on the road for a comedian and immersing himself in the Scottish culture.

At the time, Buress had already released two comedy albums, appeared on television programs like The Eric Andre Show, and acted in two films. In other words, he was already fast-approaching the Buress we all know and love today. Yet the prospect of seeing a slightly younger version of the native Chicagoan working the crowds in Edinburgh sounds like a delightful surprise.

Hannibal Takes Edinburgh streams Friday, April 8 on Netflix.