The ‘Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Sequel Has A Director

Despite only pulling in $55 million domestic (with a much healthier $170 million international take) while earning only a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there are people who want to follow the continuing good looking adventures of Hansel and Gretel as they hunt for witches. Namely, studio execs who are moving forward with a sequel and director Bruno Aveillan; who will be making his feature debut after a career spent directing commercials for brands like Audi and Samsung.

Tommy Wirkola, who co-wrote and directed the first film turned in a draft of the script and seemed like a man who wanted to direct the sequel in his comments to Shock Till Ya Drop, but obviously that isn’t going to happen now. Instead, Wirkola is in the midst of directing Noomi Rapace, Willem Dafoe, and Glenn Close in the overpopulation sci-fi thriller, What Happened to Monday. So Tommy Wirkola is going to be just fine, don’t worry about Tommy Wirkola, is what I’m saying.

At this time, there is no known timetable for when Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters 2: The Witching Hour will be able to get Jeremy Renner away from Marvel long enough to start filming or if they’ll use that title, though I hope they do.

Source: Deadline