Harrison Ford And Chewbacca Buried The Hatchet On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Of all the movie stars to have a falling out, no one would have figured that Harrison Ford and Chewbacca would be the worst among them. For those who are unaware, the two have held a long standing feud because Chewy and Ford’s ex-wife had a bit of a fling. It provided an ugly scene on Jimmy Kimmel Live the last time around, so it’s nice to see that things have cooled down.

Apparently, the feuding was too much for Chewie and we literally find him ready to jump off the roof, tired of the pressure. Ford happened to be passing through the crowd and, following another temper tantrum, he realized that whatever the beef was between them, it clearly wasn’t worth fighting over. Almost as amazing, we may have witnessed the first montage set to Adele’s “Hello” that’s in full color. So two things I never thought I would have seen. Well, honestly, we probably knew it would happen. Adele is everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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