Harrison Ford May Have Revealed A Huge ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Spoiler During A Q&A

On Friday, the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens held a Twitter Q&A. Sadly, they held the session around 5:00 pm CST, long after most civilized folk checked out from the internet for the weekend. This was not a wise choice for maximum exposure, but the film’s publicity team must have done so intentionally. They knew that, eventually, something would be dropped as a time-release bomb, and sure enough, this has happened.

The atomic bomb in question may have arrived courtesy of Han Solo himself. Harrison Ford does not have his own Twitter account, but he stepped in with the rest of the cast at the official Star Wars account like so:

Before anyone rips Ford for inadvertently dropping a spoiler, let’s remember that both actor John Boyega and producer Kathleen Kennedy have done so as well. Crap happens, and loose lips are common. In addition, the height of fan interest is all encompassing, and Ford can’t be expected to immediately acclimate to the rapid-fire nature of the internet, which did not exist when the original trilogy filmed. This is what happened after someone asked Ford to name his favorite action scene:

Well, Ford has seen the film, but he misspelled Kylo’s name, so perhaps he wrongly tweeted the fight detail. If taken at face value, “the sword fight with Rey and Kilo Ren” would indicate that Kylo plucks up a lightsaber (which would be unexpected — mayyyyybe — from the looks of other promotional droppings). This opens up the question of who Kylo is fighting. Is it Rey, or did Ford flub that part too? Several tweeters asked, “Could the force be strong in Rey?” Perhaps, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The film will arrive soon enough, and (most) questions will be answered.

Seriously though, what about this other madcap spoiler? Scandal.

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