‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Will Be Conjuring Up A Broadway Run

While reviews may have been mixed on the print version of the script, the general consensus for the stage version of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was that the continuation of the Boy Who Lived‘s story was a true spectacle that was worth the price of admission. However, because of the London location, many fans were left to use their imaginations rather than see it first hand. However, it may become slightly more accessible in the not so distant future. According to Entertainment Weekly, The Cursed Child will be apparating from The West End onto Broadway, starting a run at The Lyric Theater in 2018. The theater will get extensively renovated in the meantime, and creator J.K. Rowling is delighted about this new development, saying:

“I’m delighted we are one step closer in bringing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Broadway and very excited by the proposed plans.”

Now, hot Broadway tickets aren’t exactly easy to come by (just ask anyone still trying to get their hands on Hamilton seats), but Potterheads have two years to plan and save. Even if some aspects of The Cursed Child weren’t well received, the prospect of seeing the delightful Scorpius Malfoy onstage is pretty appealing.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)