A Heath Ledger Documentary Reveals Chilling Details From His ‘Dark Knight’ Journal

A new teaser has arrived for a documentary about the last days of Heath Ledger. The doc, titled Heath Ledger: Too Young To Die, focuses upon excerpts from the actor’s diary on the set of The Dark Knight. Ledger passed away before the film’s release, and many believe his immersive take on The Joker led to a downward spiral of depression and drug abuse. The role also won a posthumous Academy Award for Ledger, who truly disappeared from the world too soon.

Heath’s father, Keith, provides narration in the documentary. He also allowed access to the journal itself, which reveals many telling influences for Heath’s portrayal of the role. Clowns, of course, played a prominent role, but Heath also drew from the Alex DeLearge’s character in A Clockwork Orange and terrifying hyenas. This teaser is just that — a mere 48 seconds of what will be shown in the final documentary — and it does a fantastic job of teasing comic book fans.

The most chilling detail of all arrives on the final page of Heath’s diary. The words “BYE BYE” are scrawled in large letters, which was perhaps a sign of the tragedy to come.

(via BroBible)