The ‘Ultimate Movie High Fives Supercut’ Overflows With Slap-Happy Nostalgia

Connoisseurs of hot sweaty hand-on-hand action have a freshly crafted supercut to bro out over. Ladies and gentlemen, put it up high for the “Ultimate Movie High Fives Supercut.”

An 83 second offering from World Wide Interweb, this latest entry into the very crowded world of supercuts features a collection of memorable movie high fives. There’s a fair bit of humans high fiving humans, but we’re also treated to genies, flying carpets and the occasional pegasus getting in on the fives. You want a heavy dose of Top Gun? That’s in this compilation too. Nobody’s left hanging! (Er, except for Waterboy doofus Bobby Boucher at the 0:31 mark.)

As you probably sorted out from the subject matter, the “Ultimate Movie High Fives Supercut” is light on films like Tokyo Story and The 400 Blows, but pretty liberal with the oeuvre of Chris Farley and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The films covered are largely nostalgia beckoning offerings with Heavyweights rubbing elbows with Tango & Cash in the name of the mighty high five.

Feel free to practice your technique at home as you give it a watch and maybe take a moment to imagine what Sylvester Stallone’s hand feels like. Fantastic, we presume.

(Via World Wide Interweb)

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