‘Home Alone’ And ‘Night At the Museum’ Are Getting Reboots For Disney+


There was a lot of Disney news on Tuesday, some of it good — Disney+ is teaming with ESPN and Hulu to offer a pretty cheap super-subscription! — and some of it bad. The bad news is that the company had a lukewarm third fiscal quarter, thanks in part to the bombing of Dark Phoenix, causing them to axe a lot of future Fox film projects. But even the bad news couches some good news: They’re rebooting the likes of Home Alone and Night at the Museum, this time as streaming content.

The news comes from Variety’s overall coverage of Disney’s financial not-quite-woes. The company will not only bring back Kevin McAllister — or some other mischievous, debatably psychotic latchkey kid — and whatever Ben Stiller’s character’s name was in the Museum saga, but also other kiddie fare like Cheaper by the Dozen and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

There’s no details on what exactly they’ll be doing with them. Perhaps Macaulay Culkin will return in Home Alone: The Streaming Content, this time as the father to a bratty son (or daughter!) following too closely in his footsteps. (Or maybe they’ll team up; after all, the family that almost slays together stays together.) Whatever happens, it will bow in the streaming world, not in a multiplex. After all, Disney+ will always need original content to keep people at home, only leaving to see Disney-owned epics on the big screen.

(Via Variety)