‘Honest Trailers’ Takes Aim At The ‘Bourne’ Trilogy

Matt Damon punches his way back into movie theaters this weekend with Jason Bourne, bringing about the perfect time to revisit the original Bourne trilogy (we’ll pretend the one with Jeremy Renner and “chems” doesn’t exist). Leave it up to the guys at Screen Junkies to give the series the Honest Trailer treatment, and honestly, there is more material for mockery than you’d expect.

While we all love the incredible car chases and watching Jason Bourne destroy his enemies with nothing but basic household items, there are a few things left to nitpick. We have the popularization of shaky cam to blame on Bourne, and as much as we’d like to hold them up as the paragon of cerebral action flicks, they really do recycle the plot. Jason Bourne remembers! Again! Most hilariously, though, is the implication that Jason Bourne is just a badass version of Finding Nemo‘s Dory. The two beloved amnesiacs have returned to screens after long absences this year, but whether Jason Bourne is as well received as Finding Dory remains to be seen.

While it’s fun to rib on such a successful franchise, it really just serves as a reminder that you need to watch The Bourne Identity again. The Paris car chase really holds up.

(Via Screen Junkies)