Horror Movie Themes Sound More Pleasant When Presented In Major Key

Entertainment Writer
08.16.15 8 Comments

A good horror theme song can set the tone for an entire series, create an ominous mood with plenty of terror waiting in the shadows, and can reach heights of cultural appreciation that thrust it into pop culture history. But what if they were just a bit happier? That’s what happened when Ian Gordon over at Muted Vocal took five classic horror movie themes and changed them into major key.

The swap turned these frightening pieces into bubbly, happy tunes that you might hear on an uplifting sports film or a Lifetime movie about adversity. Not a bloody horror film with a demon who invades your dreams. The theme songs from Halloween, The Exorcist, and more are now right at home with your Christmas music and whatever you play to make yourself feel happy. The sequel below features five more and is a bit more varied with Jaws, The Fog, Phantasm getting the major key love. It’s no “Do The Freddy,” but I’ll take it.

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