Ian McShane Just Shared A Bunch Of Exciting News About ‘John Wick 2’

The sequel to the surprisingly awesome action movie John Wick is on its way, but details on what to expect are scarce. Okay, obviously we know it’s going to involve a lot of people being brutally killed by John Wick. And a lot of people whispering the name “John Wick” in fear. It may also be the first of many sequels. But other than that? Very little.

Fortunately, we now have Ian McShane, king of the spoilers, to let us in on what’s up. McShane outraged Game of Thrones fans when he ruined the return of a supposedly dead character, and then he pissed them off even more by saying “I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f*cking life. It’s only t*ts and dragons.”

McShane made his grand appearance on Game of Thrones in the latest episode, and wasn’t shy about discussing John Wick 2 in a subsequent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Well, I’m kind of the only one left from the first one. This is same kind of premise. It’s not like two years later, but pretty soon after the first one. Keanu [Reeves] is a great guy. They got this terrific Italian kid, Riccardo Scamarcio, who plays the chief villain, who’s excellent, and we have a lot of stuff together. And the guy who directs it, Chad Stahelski, is really smart. He’s been Keanu’s stunt guy for [nearly] 20 years and he’s studied muay-thai. He’s got every stunt man who’s available for [this film]. The action looks like it was done by somebody out of Hong Kong instead of Hollywood which I always think is a great sight.

Keanu gets a new dog. But yes, it’s about what comes on him after that. It’s all about the assassin’s code, if you like. He’s killed a Russian gangster and now there’s a contract out on him, so it’s a continuation. I loved the first one. This could be even better than the first.

That’s a lot of great John Wick 2 info right there, Ian. And if anyone gives you crap for revealing so much, you can just say “So what, it’s all just dogs and gangsters as far as I’m concerned.”

Of course, it’s so much more than that. John Wick is magic. We can’t wait to see him get back to doing what he does best.

John Wick 2 comes out February 10, 2017.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)