Idris Elba Is In Talks To Play The Villain In The Third ‘Star Trek’ Film

In the lead-up to Star Trek Into Darkness, there were many questions concerning just what the role of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain was going to be. Of course, after months of denial, it was reveled Cumberbatch was, in fact, Khan. Unfortunately, all the denials and ultimately lack luster plot lead many to take issue with the J.J. Abrams sequel, thus leaving us to wonder just what the new Star Trek franchise could do to win fans back.

Well, it seems that Paramount may have found a way. From Variety:

Idris Elba is in early talks to play the villain in “Star Trek 3,” sources tell Variety.

Details of Elba’s role are being kept under wraps. Early rumors suggest that Klingons would be the main villains in this movie, as they have not had a full presence in previous installments, but sources would not confirm if that was the case. Paramount and Skydance had no comment.

No matter the franchise, the addition of Elba is always welcome. In addition, Klingons being the main villain of the next installment would make the most sense because the race has been mostly teased over the last two movies, so it’s about time they finally got a chance to shine in the franchise. And, to be honest, Elba would probably look pretty damn good in Klingon makeup.

Source: Variety