At D23, Pixar Revealed That Elastigirl Will Be The Focus Of ‘The Incredibles 2’

When Friday’s Pixar and Disney Animation panel at D23 kicked off, it opened with a sizzle reel containing extremely short clips from some upcoming films, and few glimpses got a bigger reaction than the title card for The Incredibles 2. Later in the panel, John Lasseter brought the lights down just to display the title card again in a fake-out.

They then screened a mockumentary short with real-life fashion icons and personalities talking about the influence of Incredibles character Edna Mode, and then they actually talked about The Incredibles 2. Creator and director Brad Bird said the film will come out next summer, and talked about the story of the sequel a bit.

The Incredibles 2 will put Elastigirl at the forefront of the action, forcing Bob to stay at home and take care of Jack-Jack. They’ll also get a new house, thanks to the destruction caused by Jack-Jack at the end of the first film. A clip from the film was screened, where Jack-Jack shows off some more of his powers and gets in a fistfight with a raccoon.

Bird showed new models of the updates Invisibles clan, with some expression and animation tests thrown in. Bird talked about how the animation technology has advanced so much since 2004 that they’re finally able to get the characters to look like they’ve always wanted them to. The voice cast also stopped by to wave to the crowd, and informed everyone that Dash has been recast, due to the fact that this movie picks up where the first one left off, so a much older voice for Dash wouldn’t be appropriate.