Tom Hanks Is Trying To Stop A Massive Plague In The Official Trailer For ‘Inferno’

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06.23.16 4 Comments

In The Da Vinci Code, Tom Hanks played Robert Langdon, a puzzle-solving man who was caught in the middle of a deadly battle to uncover or destroy the truth about the Holy Grail. In Angels & Demons, Hanks returned as Langdon in a thrilling adventure to solve puzzles and stop an Illuminati conspiracy to destroy Vatican City. And now, Hanks returns as “The World’s Smartest Man” one more time in the big screen adaptation of Dan Brown’s Inferno, and if you’re wondering – yep! There are puzzles to solve, but this time half the world is on the line.

Specifically, some mysterious dudes are using Dante’s Inferno as a prophecy to bring about a plague that would eliminate half the world’s population. It seems there are too many people these days and a group of bad guys has a plan to handle that, and in the process they’ll have to take out Langdon and his latest attractive female partner, played by Felicity Jones. Also, just like in The Da Vinci Code, Langdon is on the run. In Inferno, he has a little memory problem and he needs to figure out why he’s spotted stealing an important piece of the puzzle in some museum security footage. Time to lay off the Jager, Professor Langdon.

Directed by Ron Howard, Inferno hits theaters on Oct. 28.

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