Willem Dafoe Desperately Befriends A Pigeon In The ‘Inside’ Trailer

In Inside, Willem Dafoe plays an art thief who learns very quickly why you don’t trip the alarm system in a penthouse filled with non-edible art. Trapped inside with rising temperatures, nothing to eat, and a fish that looks like Dafoe’s character in Finding Nemo, he has a totally normal one besides scrawling nonsense on the walls and imploring an uninterested pigeon to help him out.

The drama from Greek director Vasilis Katsoupis hits theaters in March, when fans will try to spot if there are any other Finding Nemo nods (Dafoe’s character is, in fact, named Nemo). Dafoe was also in Inside Man, so there are a lot of opportunities for callbacks here. For what it’s worth, only three other actors are currently credited as working on the project. One of them is on the other end of Nemo’s comms, one of them is a cleaner, and one of them is listed as “Owner.” It’s highly likely that this movie is 99% comprised of Dafoe going slowly mad.

Just as perhaps all movies should be.

It’s a wild premise with the ideal actor for the part, and the trailer looks phenomenal in terms of dangerously high levels of blood pressure, claustrophobia, and forced refrigerator licking. Dafoe losing his mind should be the ideal thing to watch with a gigantic tub of popcorn.