Is ‘The Simpsons Movie’ Getting A Sequel?

The length of time between The Simpsons premiering on Fox and The Simpsons Movie is only slightly longer (18 years) than the gap between The Simpsons Movie and now (16 years). Behold, the ravages of age, indeed. There’s been talk of a sequel pretty much since the U.S. Government borrowed Tom Hanks’ credibility, although nothing official. Is this about to change?

In The InSneider newsletter, Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider questioned why 20th Century Studios agreed to finance James L. Brooks’ upcoming film, Ella McKay. “Emma Mackey (Barbie) will star as the title character — an idealistic young politician who juggles work and family while preparing to replace her mentor as the state governor. Mackey may be a rising talent, but I’m not sure I see the 27-year-old actress as the governor of any state — even Florida — and she’s not a big star like the leads of Brooks’ past films,” he wrote.

One theory: Brooks has made the company billions from The Simpsons; also, he directed Broadcast News, As Good as It Gets, and Best Picture winner Terms of Endearment. He should be able to direct any film he wants.

Sneider pitched another possibility.

The studio wants Brooks to mount a sequel to The Simpsons Movie along with creator Matt Groening and the show’s talented writing staff. This is just a hot rumor for now — the first half of a “We’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch ours” deal, the likes of which have powered Hollywood for decades. But it makes sense… The key is convincing Brooks, who produced The Simpsons Movie in addition to being one of 11 screenwriters credited.

If a Simpsons Movie sequel is going to get made with the original cast, it needs to happen soon. Harry Shearer is almost 80 years old, and who knows how much longer Julie Kavner will be able to do the Marge voice. But it’s a major time commitment for a writing staff that still puts out 22 episodes a year, every year, and Disney (which owns 20th Century Studios) might not be interested in releasing a 2D animated movie into theaters anymore.

For now, the closest The Simpsons will come to the big screen is the Disney+ shorts. Which Disney character will Hans Moleman meet next? I hope it’s Sassy from Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey!

(Via The InSneider)