‘Isle Of Dogs’ Shows Off The Painstakingly Meticulous Detail That Went Into Wes Anderson’s Latest

Wes Anderson has a way of making traditional stories idiosyncratic, but accessible. From the early days of his heist movie Bottle Rocket to the broken family affair of The Royal Tenenbaums he’s taken genres and visuals and wrapped them in a package wholly his own. With Isle of Dogs arriving in theaters on March 23, Anderson seems poised to add to his body of work by following up Fantastic Mr. Fox, his first animated feature, with another unforgettably quirky animated feature.

Anderson has described the meticulous and arduous work of his stop-motion animators as “muscle memory in ultra slow-motion,” but the tireless adjustments the 27 animators and 10 assistants have put in over the last few years have created a breathtaking final product. The animation of Isle of Dogs is incredible, graduating from bi-pedal foxes and badgers to mimicking realistic canine movements — from a smooth trot to licking themselves.

The process Anderson and his team have taken on over the past months and years will live on forever, but it’s important to realize that this process is as impressive as the finished product. The smallest shifts in a model will lend comedic timing, fear, and a dramatic performance worthy of the who’s who of celebrities voicing their characters.

(Via Nerdist)

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