The Medical Expenses For The ‘Jackass’ Crew Are Allegedly In The Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

The Jackass gang has racked up an impressive (painful) list of injuries over 20-plus years of nut shots. Johnny Knoxville alone has broken numerous bones, suffered “15 or 16″ concussions, and once had his nipple bitten by an alligator, which honestly sounds worse than a broken wrist. But which of the boys has had the most expensive injuries?

Nova Legal Funding compiled the medical bills for Steve-O, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, and the rest of the Jackass boys, and not surprisingly, Knoxville is number one. “Johnny Knoxville topped the list, with a total cost of $8,663,000, followed by Ehren McGhehey, who tallied up an estimated $7,380,000 in injuries, and fan-favorite Steve-O, who racked up a total of $5,820,000 during his career as a stuntman,” the report reads.

The team looked at 79 injuries in total, across six members of the Jackass crew… The estimated total cost of injuries across the entire cast is $24,263,000, however this number only accounts for the reported injuries suffered by the main members of the Jackass crew, and we estimate the actual number could be closer to $38m.

The costliest medical expenses are $2.7 million for McGhehey’s broken neck (he broke it three times!), $2.5 million for Knoxville’s brain hemorrhage, and $1.75 million for Steve-O’s fractured skull. (Bam Margera was presumably not included in the study.)

Here’s the full “Jackass Injury Rich List”:

Johnny Knoxville – $8,663,000
Ehren McGhehey – $7,380,000
Steve-O – $5,820,000
Dave England – $1,650,000
Jason “Wee Man” Acuña – $675,000
Preston Lacy – $75,000

The boys suffer for their art, and for that, we thank them.

(Via Nova and CNET)