Let’s Check In With Post-‘Silent Meditation’ Jared Leto To See How He’s Doing

Just about the only news (“news”) article that’s brought me joy these past two weeks is: “Jared Leto Found Out About The Pandemic After Emerging From A ‘Silent Meditation’ Retreat In The Desert.” Yup, that’ll do. The Morbius star (he’s also an Oscar winner, but it’s more fun to identify Leto this way) didn’t hear about coronavirus until days after the rest of us were washing our hands every nine seconds, as he was on a “totally isolated” silent meditation in the desert with “no idea what was happening outside the facility.”

How’s Leto doing now?

“I hope everyone out there is safe and sound, wherever you are. I’m sending good thoughts and energy your way,” he wrote to his 10.4 million Instagram followers. “I’m locked down and practicing social distancing over here and I hope you guys are staying put and doing the best you can to protect the people that you love. I miss you.” There’s no location tag on the post, so I assume Leto is riding out the virus on his private island.

That, or he’s on a… dude ranch?

You gotta give Leto credit for one thing, though: love is madness. Hopefully he’s staying off Twitter, otherwise he may have seen a recent tweet from Birds of Prey comic book writer Gail Simone, who shared her feelings on Leto’s performance in Suicide Squad.

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