Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Recreated The ‘Jenny From The Block’ Music Video Like It’s 2002 All Over Again

Jennifer Lopez gave an Oscar-worthy performance in Hustlers, but it’s not her best role to date. No, it’s not The Cell or Out of Sight, either (although consider this your reminder that Out of Sight rules). It’s the “Jenny from the Block” music video, where between shots of Lopez dancing and going on a shopping spree, she has then-boyfriend Ben Affleck admire her famous butt like it’s the Mona Lisa. The music video — directed by Francis Lawrence, who would later make three of the four Hunger Games movies — premiered on TRL in November 2002, the same month the pair got engaged. Less than a year later, they called off the engagement; by January 2004, the relationship was over.

Until this year, when Affleck and Lopez, like a phoenix tattoo rising from the ashes, started seeing each other again. “They are madly in love,” a source told People. “Even though their split many years ago was devastating for Jennifer, she has never had a bad word to say about Ben. She believes that it just wasn’t meant to be then and feels like they’ve been given a second chance.” Over the weekend, the celebrity couple made it Instagram official (“Instagram official” is to 2021 as “MySpace official” was to 2002) and, more importantly, inadvertently recreated the “Jenny from the Block” music video:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appear to be feeling nostalgic during their romantic getaway to Saint Tropez for her 52nd birthday. Affleck, 48, was pictured applying sun cream to his girlfriend’s famous posterior, striking a very similar scene to the one included in J-Lo’s video for the song, which played on their power couple status at the time.

The Daily Mail has the visual evidence, although you could watch the “Jenny from the Block” video and get the same experience, plus hear a mighty catchy song. It’s your choice. Me, I’ll be toasting the happy couple with an iced signature latte from Dunkin.

I hear they’re catering the wedding.

(Via the Daily Mail)