Jesse Eisenberg Has Choice Words For Protesters At A Gay Pride Event In London

With this year’s LGBT Pride month coming to a close, most of the nations around the world that celebrate Pride do so with parades and other events to commemorate the month. It has been a difficult year for LGBT/Gay Pride, with the Pulse shootings from Orlando hanging heavy on the minds of many. Like most events of this magnitude, protests are a normal part of any celebration and LGBT/Gay Pride has proven to be a magnet for such protests.

According to the Daily Dot, Eisenberg was performing a play that he wrote, The Spoils, when he was riding his bike through the festivities and happened upon a group of protesters. A group of Christians were there with signs, literature and a PA system in order to express themselves when cameras caught Eisenberg stopping before them and shaking his head at their message.

One protester offered him a piece of paper when Eisenberg refused it, the protester asking him if his “mind was closed.” That prompted Eisenberg to respond, which is partially drowned-out by the booming message over the loudspeaker; “Is my mind closed? Dude, you’re so f*cked up.” Eisenberg took off on his bike while the protest continued.

(Via The Daily Dot)