J.K. Rowling Weighs In On Donald Trump’s Beef With Meryl Streep

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Sunday night’s Golden Globe ceremony had its fair share of memorable moments, but Meryl Streep’s speech appealing to decency and criticizing Donald Trump was easily the most important moment of the evening. While many lauded her powerful words, Trump predictably vented his frustrations out on Twitter, calling the actress “underrated” and a “Hillary lover,” setting off a number of jokes online. However, some are using this cultural moment as a conversation starter about the new role of people with influence in the age of Trump, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

The writer, who has never been shy in her criticism of Trump, decided to weigh in on Monday afternoon, tweeting:

Honestly, we could use more celebrities like Rowling. While it’s important to have these sorts of discussions in a changing political landscape, it’s also important to put your money where your mouth is. While the main argument against the “Hollywood elite” is that they’re all talk, Rowling is known for her advocacy and charitable giving. Rowling is never one to shy away from conflict, and she always puts her influence to good use for causes close to her heart. We can certainly count on her to, to quote Ms. Streep, “hold power to account.”

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)