People Online Keep Replacing Joaquin Phoenix’s Laugh In ‘Joker’ With Those Of Other Famous People

Despite its record-breaking opening weekend, Joker is almost certainly the darkest superhero ever made. Its closest competition is, of course, James Gunn’s Super, a pitch black comedy in which Rainn Wilson plays a tortured nobody who tries to become a makeshift crime-fighter but mostly winds up beating the heads of people who cut in movie lines in with a pipe wrench. There aren’t many jokes in Joker — just the sight of a sad, poor, no-longer-medicated man losing his mind and going beyond Bernie Goetz.

Luckily the chuckleheads of the internet have been making jokes for it. That’s right: Joker has become a meme farm. There are a number of them going around, such as replacing the trailer’s soundtrack with the theme from Evangelion. One of the more popular involves taking that shrieky cackle Joaquin Phoenix created for his antihero Arthur Fleck and dubbing in a laugh from another famous person. Like, let’s say Seth Rogen.

Or Bill Hader.

Or Samuel L. Jackson.

Or Clippers player Kawhi Leonard.

Or Peter Griffin.

What about Nicki Minaj?

Or perhaps Phoenix’s fellow comic book movie star Tobey Maguire?

Harry Styles?

You know who has a chortle that really destroys the ear drums? Ricky Gervais.

There are fewer more iconic chuckles than that Return of the Jedi sidekick.

This being the internet, the meme was bound to come full circle.

As always, good job, internet.